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Beoplay A9 4th Gen. AL2; Black/Black Walnut; WiFi 2

One-point music system and contemporary design icon with powerful sound and customisable design.

A formula for life

Here in the words of ivind Alexander Slaatto, the designer who created Beoplay A9:

"With the A9 I wanted to make a timeless classic something which is beautiful from all angles in all times. A9 was inspired by sound and by music. The shape is a circle and the reason why I choose a circle is because the sound travels in circles. The A9 is made out of very few elements which are used as much as possible and crafted in the best materials; high quality wood high quality plastics high quality aluminium and a very good fabric."

Fill any space with iconic sound

Beoplay A9 fills any room with detailed Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound thanks to its powerful 480-watt digital amplifier system. Built-in room adaptation adjusts the sound perfectly to its surroundings, so you can experience your music the way the artists intended.

Like a piece of furniture design

The days of hiding your stereo are over. We designed Beoplay A9 like a beautiful piece of furniture — with carefully selected Materials and uncompromising attention to detail. The result is an iconic piece of music design you can put on display anywhere.

B&O X Kvadrat

The gorgeous wool-blend speaker covers for Beoplay A9 are made in collaboration with renowned textile brand, Kvadrat. The Danish design company has produced a series of covers in a wide variety of colours that will make your speaker pop or blend in with your home decor.

Frequentiebereik 33 - 23000 Hz
Bluetooth-versie 4.2
Wi-Fi-standaarden Wi-Fi 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5)
Fysieke kenmerken
Breedte 70,1 cm,mm
Diepte 41,1 cm,mm
Gewicht 14,7 g,kg
Hoogte 90,8 cm,mm
Kleur Zwart
Materiaal Hout

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